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What is D-STAR?

D-STAR is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. It connects repeater sites over Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network. The DSTAR system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.

What can the D-STAR system do?

128kbps digital data and 4.8kbps digital voice communication

The D-STAR system provides not only digital voice (DV mode) communication but also digital data transmission (DD mode). It can exchange various data files such as graphics, images, etc, at 128kbps.

Your voice and data can reach further than ever

Multiple repeater links by radio and the Internet provide long distance communication to virtually anywhere.

Internet application available

The D-STAR system uses the TCP/IP protocol, so when connected with a PC, web, e-mail and other Internet applications are available.

Wireless Internet Access

No matter where you travel within the DSTAR network, you can access the web, e-mail, text messages and multimedia messages.

D-STAR system will be upgraded

The D-STAR system will be enhanced and new D-STAR radios will be released, adding features and performance to the D-STAR system.

Digital callsign squelch (DSQL) & Digital code squelch (CSQL)

The DSQL opens the squelch, only when your callsign is received. When you share a single callsign with a club or group members, the CSQL function allows you to set a CSQL code from 00 to 99 and provides quiet stand-by while other members are talking.

EMR mode operation

When you require the attention of all stations in the area, the Enhanced Monitor Request (EMR) mode operation allows the caller to bypass the CSQL and DSQL setting of the receivers station. During EMR mode operation, all receiving stations will hear your audio, even though they may be muted.

Short message in DV mode

Short messages of 20 characters max. can be sent in DV mode operation.

Internet gateway relay

When D-STAR repeaters are connected with the Internet gateway, the D-STAR system relays the received data over the Internet. Microwave links and Internet gateways can be combined even during one contact. So your message will get through virtually to anywhere in the D-STAR system.