Beaufort, SC
Beaufort Radio Amateur Group
81 Francis Marion Circle
Beaufort, SC 29907      970-531-3378
Many of the Hams in our area are involved with the ARRL and it's many different programs.
Amateur Radio Emergency service is a good way to assist in your community.
The handling of both routine and emergency messages are but a few of the things available to you as a Ham.
Local area Repeaters:

Beaufort, SC - W4BFT 145.130- Tone 88.5
Beaufort, SC - W4BFT 146.655 - Out of service
​Beaufort, SC - W4BFT 443.850+ Tone 123

Temporarily out of service
KJ4LNJ 444.075+ DV
Temporarily out of service​

Jasper County - KK4ONF 147.060+ Tone 123.0

Hilton Head, SC - W4IAR 147.240+ Tone 100.0
Hilton Head, SC - W4IAR 145.310- Tone 100.0
​Hilton Head, SC - W4IAR 444.350+ Tone 123.0

Bluffton, SC - W4IAR 442.675+ Tone 100.0

Walterboro, SC - WA4SJS 146.910- Tone 156,7

SC HEART - WR4SC 146.715- Tone 123.0
SC HEART - WR4SC 441.675+Tone 123.0​

​DMR Beaufort 441.9875+
South Carolina Hospital Emergency Radio team. Ham license Testing & Training.
ARRL Affillated Club
The Christmas Parade is Sunday, 3 December.  Ham support is needed, mostly with the line-up.  Organizers are using the usual Adventure Street lineup (one block west of Bladen Street, near the National Cemetery).

We recently supported the Veteran's Day parade.  Our small group of helpers was fine for the smaller parade.  The Christmas Parade will be much larger, more congested and more complicated.  We need more ham support, so please help if you can.

David Jennings (N2EIO) will head up our participation.
We should get there about 1:30 mm.  March-off is 3:00 pm, and we should be done by around 4:00 pm.
Plan on 146.535 simplex primary, 145.130 (-) (tone 88.5) backup.
On the day, find a ham on Adventure St near Boundary St to get your assignment and a lineup sheet.  We will station ourselves at the intersections up and down Adventure St and several side streets.
We hope to see you there!

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Mark your calendar for a Winter Meet & Eat at Roadhouse Ribs, Thursday 7 December.​​
​Doors open at 5:00 PM and orders will be placed at 5:30 PM. Address is 7 Toppers Lane in Port Royal, right off of Savannah Highway.
​All area hams, friends and significant others are welcome.
​The restaurant needs to have a good estimate of our numbers, so please let me know how many you will bring.
​A guess is fine, just let me know if your plans change.
​Happy Thanksgiving and 73, David (N2EIO)